XT60 Electric Soldering Iron With DC Smart Regulator

XT60 Electric Soldering Iron With DC Smart Regulator


  • $29.99

Item Name: DC Smart Regulator with Electric Soldering Iron
Input: 12V~16.8V (3~4S LiPoly)
Output Voltage: 12V/15V/18V (L/M/H)
Soldering Iron Heating Temperature: 250℃/350℃/450℃ (12V/15V/18V)
Soldering Iron Plug: XT60
Output Current: 5A Max
Regulator Size: 58x31x15mm
Regulator Weight: 43g
Soldering Iron Weight: 75g

Portable and handy tool for any tool box
Selectable low, medium and high heat settings for any items
XT60 connector pre-installed for use with your normal flight/driving batteries
Soldering iron tip replaceable with other commercially available tips
Green/Red/Blue LED's indicate heat setting

The regulator doesn't have constant temperature function,the max working current of the soldering iron is 3A,in order to save your battery power,please turn off the regulator asap after finishing use.

Package Included:
1x Soldering iron
1x DC smart regulator

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