Saturn Ion 130

Saturn Multirotor

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he Saturn ION 130 meets the definitions of compact and functional. It is far more than a scaled down version of our Saturn Eclipse 220. It offers a variety of features that have yet to be seen on a 3" quad.

Pictures simply don't do justice so to help describe what is so awesome about this design we will list the features!

-130mm Perfect X Frame cut from a combination of 2.5mm and 2.0mm 4K Twill Carbon Fiber

The frame Base being 2.5mm while the Top Plate and Battery Strap Plate being 2.0mm

-Battery Strap Plate you ask? You may not think about it but running the battery strap directly through the frame base isn't the ideal situation for a number of reasons.

A. On Impact the base plate is taking the pull force from a ~100g battery. This case more severe in the event of a roll crash.

B. Although thin the battery strap ran through the base actually requires the PDB stack to be spaced ~3mm or taller to allow room. With this design you can use a .5mm nylon spacer (included) and mount your PDB almost directly on the plate.

3D Printed Flexible TPU VTX Damage Resistant Antenna Mount.

-The VTX Antenna Protection mount sets the antenna at roughly 125 degrees from the intersection of the top plate. Not only looks more natural while flying but allows the antenna to flex backwards on impact with the print and prevent damage.

What is included??

1x - Saturn ION 130 2.5mm Base Plate

1x - Saturn ION 130 2.0mm Top Plate

1x- Saturn ION 130 2.0mm Battery Strap Plate

1x - Semi-flexible TPU VTX Damage Resistant Mount (Your color choice)

1x - Semi-flexible TPU RunCam Swift or HS1177 style Mount (Your color choice)

1x - Semi-flexible TPU Feet / Motor Protection ($5.00 extra for the set, your color choice)

8x - 10mm M3 Anodized Aluminum Screws

2X - 6mm M3 Anodized Aluminum Screws

2x - Anodized Aluminum M3 Nuts

4x - 35 or 40mm Anodized Aluminum Standoffs

8x - Nylon .5mm Spacers

4x - Nylon 20mm M3 Flat Screws

4x - Nylon Nuts


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