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Replacement arm for the PB3D Titan X

Saturn Multirotor

  • $12.60


Oops...You decided to use a tree for a race gate and collided at 40mph into a reasonable size branch and snapped an arm.

Oops... You got nervous and disarmed 30 feet above a parking lot and imploded on the ground shattering several arms.

Oops... You put RaceKraft 5051 Tri-props on and punched out until you lost signal. You then found your quad in pieces 3 miles away.

By no means do we claim the Titan-x 225 to be indestructible, hence the lack of warranty, we aren't an insurance company! It is a minimalistic lightweight frame and even though it can take a beating as seen in Troy's video below...Shit happens and you may need to replace parts. We are happy to announce we are stocking replacement arms to ensure your Titan stays in the air.

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