PLUM.F4 Flight Controller

Flying Lemon

  • $58.99


PLUMF4 is simplified version of KIWI without OSD and videoline fitlers but it is still a powerful and awsemoe STM32F4 CPU based flight controller. Using low noise MPU6000 gyro on SPI bus for faster acquisition of gyro data. Board have 3 fully usable UART ports without interference in USB port (VCP) compatible with BLHELI passtrough, 8MB flash memory, 5V up to 5S step-down.


  • STM32F405 processor, 170MHz
  • low noise, vibration resistant MPU6000 gyro chip on SPI-bus
  • compatible with latest Betaflight releases also can be used with Raceflight
  • switching step-down 5V and 600mA current output, up to 6S input (not needed external 5V regulator)
  • DSHOT600 ready
  • 8MB flash memory
  • USB port independent of UART ports
  • programmable, hardware SBUS inverter
  • buzzer driver
  • LED strip output
  • VBAT monitor
  • RSSI monitor
  • current monitor
  • BOOT button for simple flashing
  • can be combined with KWI PDB


See Download section on the bottom of this page.


From Betaflight version 3.1 and above FW will be available direct from configurator.

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