MIA-X Frame


  • $49.99
  • Save $15


  • 220mm motor to motor
  • 4mm 3k carbon fibre unibody bottom plate
  • 2mm 3k carbon fibre top plate
  • standard 30.5 mm mounting holes
  • 22xx motor mounting holes pattern

Designed by racing pilot Ale Rovillard, the Mia-x is the perfect balance between a Free-styling frame and a Racing frame. Built to last with the highest quality of carbon fiber and engineered for maximum strength.

The Mia-x will exceed your expectations, it has plenty of room for all your electronics to fit comfortably while keeping a very low and compact profile. The 4mm unibody bottom plate will let you crash with confidence, your flying skills will improve exponentially because you won’t fear breaking your quad. We’ve designed this frame to be easy to build and predictable when in the air making it enjoyable to everyone, from new pilots to seasoned racers.

The Mia-x is the perfect frame for 5” tri-blade props and 2204 / 2300kv motors power setups, the frame comes with:

  • 1 x 4mm bottom plate
  • 1 x 2mm top plate
  • 4 x 35mm aluminum poles
  • 12 x 15mm m3 screws
  • 4 x m3 nylon standoffs
  • 4 x m3 screws

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