Frsky XMF3E Built-in F3EVO Flight Controller


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Brand Name: Frsky
Item Name: XMF3E
Dimension: 29x29x6mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 3.4g
Hardware: STM32F303 CPU (72Mhz inc FPU)
                 MPU9250 (accelerometer/gyro/compass)
                 CC2510 CPU for XM receiver
Channels: 16CH (8CH is RSSI) by SBUS to UART2 RX of F3EVO
Operating voltage/current: 4.2V@75mA
Compatibility: Frsky Taranis X9D/X9E/Q X7/Horus X12S/XJT in D16 mode
Firmware Upgradeable

-Built-in F3EVO and XM receiver module
-Features the latest Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass and Baro sensor technology.
-XM receiver is a one-way receiver (no telemetry), it will receive the commands of Remote Control and send to F3EVO by SBUS (8CH is RSSI) to UART2 RX of F3EVO

The F3EVO runs the open-source Cleanflight/Betaflight flight control (FC) software and firmware upgradeable (SPRACINGF3EVO), the factory firmware is betaflight_3.0.0_SPRACINGF3EVO.
The XM receiver runs the software which was developed by Frsky and firmware upgradeable.

For XM receiver Status

Frsky XMF3E Built-in F3EVO Flight Controller & 16CH SBUS XM Receiver Compatible Taranis X9D/Q X7/XJT

Blue LED for F3EVO Status

Package Included:

1 x Frsky XMF3E



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