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Eachine F3 EVO Brushed FC - Integrated Flysky Receiver


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Size: 33mm*20mm*4mm
Weight: 2g
Processor: STM32F303 72Mhz
Gyro Accelerometer: MPU6500
Working Voltage: 3.3v-4.2v(1S Lipo)
Firmware Version: Cleanflight 1.13.0
Built-in Receiver: Flysky 6CH PPM Receiver
Compatible Transmitter: FS I6,Echine I6,TH9X,DEVO 7E with A7105 Module
Default Receiver Channel Map: AETR1234
Default Unlock Channel: AUX1(Channel 5)

1.FLF3_EVO Brushed Flight controller is an integrated Flysky compatible 6CH PPM protocol receiver,based on F3_EVO Brushed Flight Control Board.
2.It is integrated the Flysky receiver into the flight controller, avoid the welding trouble, and the installation is more convenient, suitable for ultra small brush racing quadcopter.
3.Support Cleanflight / Betaflight.
4.Support Rate Mode and Angle Mode.
5.Support FS-I6, Echine I6, TH9X, DEVO 7E with A7105 Module series Transmitter.
6.With a 4-axis large current NMOS transistors, operating current of up to 10A or more.Support almost all hollow cup motor, including 1020 coreless motor.
7.With VBAT voltage detection, external buzzer interface, LED_Strip function, also can be configured WS2812 light.

The flight controller default has been set up receiver mode, bind and play.


1.Soldering the bind pins, connected the battery, the Blue LED will blinking fast,this indicates the receiver get into the binding mode.

2.Holding the bind button,the transmitter automatic entry binding mode.

3.The Blue LED will get be solid, this indicates binding successful.Reconnect the battery and transmitter, the Blue LED blinking fast again, this indicates receiver and transmitter are all works.

Package included:
1 x FLF3_EVO Brushed Flight Control Board

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