DMR Whippet Stretch X Racing Frame

Detroit Multirotor

  • $89.99

The Detroit Multirotor Lineup are all tough. How tough you ask ? Detroit Tough ! Pure grit !


Whats Strech X An X frame with 4mm thick arms.
Its rumored that Joe and Terry were wrestling, and after a crazy session, Terry though he had longer arms.. And a light went off in Joe's mad scientist mind.. And the stretch X was born. I personally think the inspiration was a tall blonde with long legs..


Notable Features:

  • 220 mm
  • Naked weight: 96 grams (approx)
  • Non-conductive G-10 mid-plate for direct mount pdb
  • 100% carbon fiber arms, top and bottom plates
  • Super awesome camera and vtx mounts
  • Metal standoffs (38 mm)
  • Modular frame design
  • 5-inch props
  • 3mm motor holes to support 22XX motors

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