Detroit Multirotor BMX BeastMode X 200mm X Racing Frame

Detroit Multirotor

  • $89.99

The Detroit Multirotor Lineup are all tough. How tough you ask ? Detroit Tough ! Pure grit !


What's "BeastMode" you ask? An X frame with 4mm thick arms and thicker top and bottom plates, that's what.
It's what DMR Team Pilot Terry Arscott flew to the MultiGP Regional Finals. He needed thicker materials because...well, he flies hard.


Notable Features:

  • 200 mm
  • Naked weight: 85 grams (approx)
  • Non-conductive G-10 mid-plate for direct mount pdb
  • 100% carbon fiber arms, top and bottom plates
  • Super awesome camera and vtx mounts
  • Metal standoffs (38 mm)
  • Modular frame design
  • 5-inch props
  • 3mm motor holes to support 22XX motors

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