3020 3x2 props 2 pair


  • $3.99

Brand Name: Tarot
Item Name: 3020 Propeller
Color: Green and Orange
Quantity: 2 Pairs
Weight: 0.6g/PCS
Positive And Negative Rotor Diameter: 3 Inches
Hole Diameter: 1.5 mm
Mouting Hole: 5.0 mm
Tarot 3 inch reverse paddle 1104/1106 as applied to 130-150machines through the use of the brushless motor.
TAROT with a new airfoil design and optimization of high-strength engineering plastic injection material to ensure
good flexibility and rotor wing stability. Color rotor in the air with the most eye-catching effect, withmulti-color front and
rear rotors help to distinguish between the front and rear of the body state.

Package Included:
2 X CCW Propeller  
2 X CW Propeller   

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